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Curriculum Tuesday of every week 10:00AM- 3:00PM ( open the class, 1st week every month)
Education contents (1)Theoretical course : successful marketing, realistic benefit,Know-how of business management
(2)Theoretical and practical course: Kraeuter & phytoncide therapy (theory/practice)
Qualified applicant skin care specialist, Aroma therapist, alternative-medical clinician, health specialist, applicant of opening business, Marketing worker, and the qualified person permitted.
Date for registration from the third week to the last day of the month (we limit 20 people in class to educate them effectively)
Registration fee free-registration (for regular member)
The benefit after completion of course ((1) Award of Diploma of German G-Cosmetic & Mi-Biomed Inc.
(2) Opening a special shop or getting job (hospital, special shop, related business)
(3) Award of qualification for applying K.N.D. special course
(4) Marketing & P. R. Cooperation
Curriculum Every Thursday (10a.m.~ 6p.m.) [opening class, the third week, monthly]
Contents (1) Antidote and immunity management
(2) Reasonable management of pain for ordinary people
(3) An artistic make-up for career woman
(4) Aromatherapy
(5) Antidote and healthy diet
[Special lecture] - How to manage a successful shop
qualified applicant a completed person of Mi-biomed study course, social well-being specialist course, and completed person of basic course, a specialist acknowledged by our Academy.
Date of registration from the 3rd week monthly ~ the last day of the month (first comes 20 people, acceptable) We limit applicants because of effective education
Registration fee 900,000won (50% discount to regular members)
Benefit after completion of the course (1) K.N.D. diploma award for special course after the completion of the course
(2) Free-attendance of a regular seminar for a specialist
(3) To designate a completed person as an instructor for educational institution, association, Academic committee, special shop.
every Thursday
1st week Morning
  • 10:00~12:00 presentation
  • 10:00~11:00 An effect of Aroma on human body
  • 11:00~12:00 (Chairman of association) About how to manage a successful shop

(Marketing and pursuit of practical profit)
<1st class> 13:00~15:00
- phytoncide and change of life environment

<2nd class> 15:00~17:00
- Phytomix therapy for toxin release

<3rd class> 17:00~19:00
Aroma Lymph Dranage Massage (Aroma Vein Massage for toxin release)

The Second Week <1st class> 10:00~12:30
- Negative and positive Aromatherapy
- Elimination of disease and well-being care for extension of life span

<2nd class> 12:30-16:00
- What makes pain?
- Managerial way of chromic pain

<3rd class> 16:00~19:00
Aroma Oriental Muscle Relief Massage
- (oriental pain relief massage)
- Natural powder Fat-Burning paste mask
- cleaning of blood and elasticity of skin tissue

The Third Week <1st class> 10:00~12:00
- Nutrition therapy of modern people
- Nutriants for detoxin (vitamin and mineral)

<2nd class> 13:00~16:00
- principle of metabolism
- syndrome of metabolism (obesity, diabetes such as chronic disease)
- therapy for correction of behavior
postural correction way for behavial correction

<3rd class> 16:00~17:30
- About detoxin and healthy diet

<4th class> 17:30~19:00
- An effect of toxin on our body and beautification

- About concentrative tetoxin from general detoxin
The Fourth Week <1st class> 10:00~12:00
- A specialized program of the completion of in & out care
- A natural Aroma and Base of make-up

<2nd class> 13:00~15:00
- Chroit therapy for delaying senility (sitz steaming Aroma and well-steaming therapy)
- Elimination of spiritual toxin (the application and necessity of errhine)

<3rd class> 15:00~17:00
(practice) career women's make-up

<4th class> 17:00~19:00
(practice) - Anti-stress Decollete Massage
- Aroma Hair-fit Massage
- The Ceremony of Completion of Course
Curriculum Every Saturday (20:00~23:00)
Theme "Free-toxin in health" This is a specialist educational program for enhancing natural healing power of our body, thus preventing our incurable disease. In this program, we teach applicants on how to manage our life in order to make a healthy society.
Qualified applicant pharmacist, professor of related field, medician and medical specialist
Registration fee To applicant of regular members (20% discount of the fee)
Benefits after completion of course (1) To award diploma of K. N. D. Academic specialist
(2) To assign as K. N. D. association's academic committee member and instructor
(3) To join specialized marketing for pharmacy and P. R. cooperation
(4) To participate in over seas workshop and privilege of seminar
(5) To participate in free-diverse programs and information
Inquiring Tell #: office of association (02) 3446-3245~6
Every Saturday
1st week an outline of pharmacy academy and open-lecture
<1st class> 20:00~21:00
- On a natural antidote ability of our body
- A concentrative antidote from a general antidote

<2nd class> 21:10~22:00
- An effect of aroma on our body
- How can medicine enhance our life quality?
- To control our health by using aboriginal medicinal herbs

<3rd class> 22:10~22:40
On know-how for pharmacy management of a differentiated European style
The 2nd Week
<1st class> 20:00~21:30
- The antidote of normalizing the antidote organ
- Leaky Cut Syndroms
- Bacterial Dysbiosis
- Hepatic stress
- 4R

<2nd class> 21:40~23:00
-Aromatherapy & Herbal medicine (fragrance therapy)
The Third Week
<1st class> 20:00~21:00
(clinical nutrition doctor, by Jun Hee Lee)
-Antidote through a dietary
-Nutrious materials for antidote
<2nd class> 21:10~22:30
-Different Marketing Service
-pharmacy cosmetic
-pharmacy Aromatherapy
The Fourth Week
<1st class> 20:00~21:00
-The profit increase of pharmacy (more than 20%)
-The technique for the sale of make-up, non-prescription, medicine and food

<2nd class> 21:10~22:00
-Women's disease

<3rd class> 22:10~22:30
-The pharmacy giving a good impression on customers
-The sale technique of make-up, non-prescription medicine and food
-The ceremony of completion of course
Curriculum Every Saturday (5 p.m.~ 9 p.m.)
Contents (1) Antidote and management of immunity
(2) Updated complementary alternative medicals (undecided)
[special lecture] (3) Aromatherapy
[special lecture] (4) Chiropractice and yoga
[special lecture] (5) A successful know-how and a patient care of well-being style
Qualified applicant Medical doctor, pharmacist, herbal doctor, professor of related field, a specialist holding the certificate of qualification
Registration fee Lecturing fee, teaching and practice material fee, including super payment Amount of registration fee: 900,000 won (More than 20% discount to regular members)
Benefits after completion of course ((1) Free-participation in regular Academic seminar and free-joining of study group
(2) The privilege of abroad workshop and field trip
(3) To designate a completed person as the Academic member of K.N.D. association
(4) To provide the information related with alternative - medicals and various materials
(5) Marketing and P.R. cooperation
Education venue: 1st Floor samwonbilding 93-6, Garak-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul Special City, Korea.
Inquiring Tell: 02) 3446-3247, Fax 02)3446-2866

Registering documents: Family registered concus or residential Identification card (1 copy), application form (1 piece of copy)

Teaching contents and time schedule can be changeable according to Lecturer's urgent affairs. The application for a membership and lecturing registration can also be done in Mi bio-Med, Korea

* Bank account for lecturing fee:
Hana Bank 601-910010-66605
Depositor: Roh, Jong Rae (Natural Detoxi association)